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Headshot Of Stuart Malina
Stuart Malina
Music Director
Headshot Of Gregory Woodbridge
Gregory Woodbridge
Associate Conductor, Director of Education
Headshot Of Matthew Herren
Matthew Herren
Executive Director
Headshot Of Cheri Comasco
Cheri Comasco
Director of Development
Headshot Of Michael Murray
Michael Murray
Director of Finance
Headshot Of Christina Stetler
Christina Stetler
Director of Communications and Engagement
Headshot Of Tom Acri
Tom Acri
Director of Operations
Jill Hoffmann
Assistant Personnel Manager
Lisa Welty
Orchestra Librarian
Mary Cote
Patron Services Manager
Headshot Of Pasquale Fera
Pasquale Fera
Stage Manager
Tristan Stasiulis
Lighting Designer
Krista Kriel
Junior Youth Strings Conductor
Michael Gamon
Elementary String Orchestra Conductor
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